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Robot wrapper

What is a robot wrapper?

Um invólucro de robô é um invólucro que gira em torno da carga de forma independente e envolve o filme em torno da carga.

O grande benefício de um wrapper robótico é sua flexibilidade. A máquina é (eletricamente) móvel, tornando possível embalar paletes em locais diferentes com facilidade e rapidez. O robô foi desenvolvido especialmente para usuários que desejam envolver uma grande variedade de paletes (grandes) em vários locais.

Why a robot wrapper?

A robot wrapper is the ideal solution for;

  • Deviating load: large, heavy, deviating shape
  • Wrapping requirement at various locations in the company
  • Unstable load that cannot move itself
  • Replacement of (labor intensive) manual pallet wrapping

The load remains stationary, which makes the robot wrapper very suitable for large, unstable or extremely heavy loads that cannot be processed properly with a turntable, arm- or ringwrapper.

Do you want to know if a robot wrapper can be of value for your company? Contact us now!

The seven important reasons for using a robot wrapper

  • Flexibility. The robot is easy to move, so you can wrap at any desired location. Whether that is in various places in one department or in several halls, it doesn’t matter.
  • Efficiency. Employees can do something else in the time that the robot wraps a pallet independently. This leads to an increase in efficiency per employee.
  • Higher productivity. Wrapping a pallet is much faster and more accurate with a robot wrapper than when you wrap it manually. Also, a robot wrapper has a long lifecycle!

  • Cost saving. The robot wrapper is equipped with a pre-stretching system. This saves you up to 50% on stretch film consumption. The environmental impact also decreases drastically, just like your packaging costs.
  • Physically less stressful. A robot wrapper takes over heavy and stressful manual wrapping. This is better for your employees, which results in less downtime and absence costs will decrease.
  • Adapts to every pallet size. The robot wrapper can be used for any type of pallet, regardless of shape, size, stability or weight. You only need one machine to wrap all your loads.
  • Improved presentation. The wrapper wraps every pallet in the same, tight way, allowing you to send professional packaging to your customers.

Examples from practice

At Pas Reform in Doetinchem, a robot wrapper is used to reduce the physical work from the employees and to deliver the pallets tightly and properly wrapped to the customer. In addition, costs have decreased by working with pre-stretched film, and the wrapper can wrap around every pallet, however different the shape may be. Read the full Pas Reform customer case here.

Bleckmann (Almelo) also uses a CSM robot wrapper. Each pallet is tightly and professionally wrapped and can be wrapped in multiple locations and in multiple buildings.

Advice for robot wrappers and consumables

Are you interested in working with a robot wrapper? We can help you make the right choice when it comes to pallet wrappers. In addition, we can advise you on which type of stretch film is most suitable and which other consumables are required.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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